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A Starry-Eyed Sequel?!

It's true! I'm hard at work on the sequel to Forgiven Are the Starry-Eyed. I've heard from a lot of readers that they are craving closure and dying to find out what happens next in Andrea's journey. I don't have an ETA yet but I'll keep my blog up to date on the progress. Right now the outline and the first few chapters are done! It feels so powerful and nostalgic to be back in Andrea's shoes as I write her story again. At the end of Forgiven, Andie had come a long way but still has a long way to go. There's a lot of healing left to do and she needs to figure out how to exist in the world as a survivor now, especially with college approaching. Support is key, but will she open up about her experience enough to let people help her? Where are Ethan, Carter, and Stephanie now and how has this experience changed them, too? How will Andrea cope with the confusion and shame that she's left with? Will she run from the feelings or face them head on?

I'll drop some exclusive hints on my blog as I continue writing, so stay tuned for updates. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and asked for this sequel. I promise that even though the storyline will be different, the emotional, raw, intense momentum will linger.

Me trying to write Chapter One :)

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